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About Us

Our interest in finding reasonably priced jewelry suitable for everyday use became a reality when when we were first introduced to Dichroic and Venetian glass on a cruise celebrating our 25th anniversary.  The vivid and vibrant colors instantly reminded us of the colors of the world’s most beautiful beaches. By sourcing this glass from around the world, we are able to present the finest in artistic design and color. Our jewelry is sure to accentuate your personal appearance and compliment your favorite outfits.

Our aim is to paint the colors of the world’s most beautiful beaches and oceans in our jewelry. Therefore, our collection includes unique pieces showcasing Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, Sea glass and Dichroic glass. Our wirewrapped pieces are meticulously handcrafted so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Whether you are searching for handmade Swarovski earrings, pendants or bracelets, or wire wrapped Venetian or Dichroic glass, Bel Mare (bel-mah-ray) is sure to satisfy your needs. We hope you’ll enjoy wearing Bel Mare Creations as much as we enjoyed creating it.