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Pacentro, Italy

Bel Mare (bel-mah-ray), Italian for “beautiful ocean,” is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Adelina and Joseph.  My mother and father immigrated to America from Pacentro, Italy in 1963. They carried with them two small children, my sister, Teresa, and me, and only $200 in their pockets.  In search of a better life, we sailed across the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on the S.S. Constitution to New York City.  In the United States of America, the land of opportunity and  the greatest country in the world, our family thrived.  

My parents worked hard and prospered. They taught my sister and me the value of a dollar, as well as the importance of hard work. The memory of crossing the Atlantic will always be with me. Furthermore, the values my parents taught me are reflected in the creation of Bel Mare.  I hope you enjoy wearing our pieces.